Ron Paul 2012!

Minnesota delegate breakdown

Total delegates from Congressional districts in Minnesota.

CD1: 2 Paul, 1 Romney
CD2: 3 Paul
CD3: 3 Paul
CD4: 3 Paul
CD5: 3 Paul
CD6: 3 Paul
CD7: 1 Paul, 2 Santorum
CD8: 2 Paul, 1 unknown

Paul: 20
Santorum: 2
Romney: 1

Cowlitz County, WA Convention

So, this past weekend I attended the Cowlitz County convention as a delegate (for Ron Paul of course!). The campaigns ended up making a deal with each other to divide the delegates proportionately (based on the number of delegates for each candidate). The break down was like this:

Ron Paul: 8 delegates

Mitt Romney: 8 delegates

Rick Santorum: 5 delegates

Newt Gingrich: 2 delegates

These delegates will go to the state convention at the end of May/beginning of June. I wish Ron Paul could’ve gotten more delegates, but I’m glad Romney didn’t get the most. 

Can’t wait for 4 more years!

Fraud at the Saint Charles County GOP Caucus

I shall first start off this report by saying that Bryan Spencer, the Saint Charles County Repulican Party Central Committe man who was tasked to organize the caucus told my fellow Ron Paul Coordinator here in Saint Charles at the last Saint Charles County Central Committe meeting, that ‘if the Ron Paul people come in and hijack the caucus, I will do everything in my power to throw out the entire delegation on a technicallity.’

This is exactly what happened, but first, let me clarify what Spencer means by ‘hijack’. There are no rules going into the caucus, aside from Robert’s Rules of Order. At the caucus, the temporary chairman opens the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Next, the temporary chairman opens the floor for nominations for a permanent chair in which the entire body of voters votes for. The newly elected chairman opens the floor to nominate a secretary. Then the chairman appoints a parlamentarian, the rules committe, and the credentials committee. The rules are voted on and then the body selects delegates to go to the Congressional District Convention and the State Convention. 

So, the key is to organize your suppporters into ‘slates’, which are lists of names of the supporters who wish to be delegates. Ideally, you want to have your slates full, this way, all delegates that go to the conventions will be your candidate’s delgates. It is the process of a democratic republic. Organization is the key going into the caucus, and we had came prepared with the only complete slate of delegates. The Romney camp and Santorum camp had incomplete slates. We could have potentially have walked away with all of the 147 of the delegates. 

So this is what Spencer means by ‘hijack’.  There is no rule against having your stuff together and taking all of the delegates. It is the name of the game. We knew the GOP rules going in, and intended to follow them. We know that Spencer was encouraging the Santorum Coordinator to take all of the delegates if she had the numbers, so, it seems that he is okay with his guy getting the delegates, but not ours.

So, when we checked into the caucus, we were asked to vote in a straw poll for the candidate of our choice. Bryan Spencer’s claimed intent on this was to proportion the delegates by the votes from the straw poll, but I believe different. I believe that the GOP had a plan in case the Ron Paul supporters showed up with good numbers, and throwing out the delegation was it.

When it comes to a caucus, the body chooses the rules, not the GOP central committee. Before the temporary chairman (Eugene Dokes) opened the meeting, a set of rules was not proposed, but was made binding. One of the rules included was the ban on recording devices. I believe this ‘rule’ was put in for the reason of raising a ruckus. When that rule was read, it was very clear that everyone, not just Paul supporters, in that room opposed the rule. Boos ensued as well as Bryce Steinhoff, myself, Brent Stafford, and countless others tried making motions to overturn that rule and to put it up for a vote. Eugene ignored the motions, shouts of ‘point of order’, etc.

After around 20 minutes of deadlock and an eventual submission of the camera owner to turn it off, he opened the meeting by appointing a parlimentarian, appointing the credentials committee, and the rules committee, which are all appointments made by the PERMANENT chair whose has been elected by the body, not the temporary chair. He completly went around Robert’s Rules of Order. This is why the GOP did not want the process recorded. Again, they completly ignored parlimentary rule to usher in their chairman.

Next, Dokes opened the floor for nominations for the permanent chair, in complete opposite order than Robert’s Rule of Order states. At this time, the whole gynasium errupted in the call for Brent Stafford to be nominated, which Dokes ignored. Dokes then made his own nomination for chair and then called for a voice vote. The entire gymnasium erupted again with the call for ‘division’, which is the term that calls for a standing or ballot vote, which was utimately ignored by Dokes. Dokes’s voice vote result was that the “I’s” have it, which was clearly not the case. Dokes then motioned to close nominations, called for a voice vote, and nominations were closed without any recognition of motions from the floor. Then the new ‘permanent chair’ made a motion to adjourn the meeting, swung his gavel, and it was over.

No delegates were awarded. 

Next, we tried to amass the people outside in the parking lot to have our own stump caucus to pick the delegates for the conventions. But the Saint Peters Police came over and arrested Brent Stafford for ”tresspassing”, as well as Kenny Suitter, the man with the camera.

I go back to what Bryan Spencer said to Bryce at the Central Committee meeting: ‘If the Ron Paul people try to ‘hijack’ the caucus, I will do everthing in my power to throw out the entire delegation.

'Did Ron Paul have a majority in the room according to the straw poll at the door? Did the vote counters see this and feared the Ron Paul campaign would be able to elect their chair and walk away with all of the delegates? Did the sight of the Ron Paul Coordinators and the Romney Coordinators brokering a deal worry them that Santorum would not get any delegates? 

I know for sure a few people on the Saint Charles GOP Cnetral Committee are Santorum supporters.

The news media is focusing on the guy with the camera who was arrested, but I can assure you that there was more behind this caucus than is being reported. 

This is plain corruption.

Joe Wetter

Saint Charles County Coordinator

Ron Paul 2012 

Fraud at the Clarke County, GA convention. Please watch and repost. 

Watch this video, you won’t regret it. 

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  • Ron Paul: I would never allow my religious views to affect the decisions I make as president.
  • Anti-Paul People: How could you ever vote for Ron Paul? He's a Creationist!
  • Ron Paul: I believe we should see people as individuals and not as black, white, gay, or straight.
  • Anti-Paul People: What a racist homophobe!
  • Ron Paul: What this country needs is to open ourselves up to friendship, honest trade, and diplomacy with foreign nations.
  • Anti-Paul People: Those isolationist ideals are terrifying!
  • Ron Paul: In order to protect ourselves against an overbearing central government, abortion should be a decision left up to the states.
  • Anti-Paul People: Ron Paul is going to illegalize abortion!